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Co. Wicklow, Ireland
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About Me

About Fussy Peacock Design - Wedding & Event Florist. Wicklow, Dublin & Ireland.I have been creating professional flower arrangements, unique displays and wedding flower arrangements for over 16 years.

My first memory of expressing my creative side was when I was about 5 or 6 years of age and my Dad brought homes stacks of coloured paper. There was every colour in the rainbow. I had all the bundles stacked up along the wall at the side of my bed and was so excited at the thoughts & possibilities of what I could create. I made endless amounts of gift cards & paper flowers for the family which they delightfully admired….I hope! As I got older my passion grew for collecting quirky things like fancy paper, trinkets, feathers, paper, pretty box’s & paper bags …..I’m sure there are lots of you out there who remember fancy paper.   My love for quirky items hasn’t changed to this day.

Over the years I always dabbled in being creative making my own jewellery, cards and loved art in school but I was definitely no Picasso. I always felt that I wanted to work in a creative environment but didn’t quite know how that would come about until one day my Mam decided to open her own flower shop and the rest as they say is history.

Mam & I happily worked in our Tiger Lily flower shop, Bray for thirteen years. We had such a fantastic time working with beautiful flowers, colours and textures. However, the most important thing for me has been meeting all of our amazing customers who have been on this wonderful flower journey with me.

Over the years my love for weddings grew. I absolutely love meeting a bride and hearing all her ideas, thoughts and dreams and helping her create her special day. It is just an amazing job.

In 2012 Mam retired and passed the reigns over to me. With an exciting vision and all the advances & improvements in our industry, the new innovative Fussy Peacock Design was born.

Call: (086) 878 8179